Установка "Диффузионная камера Вильсона (80х80)" (09046-93)

Установка "Диффузионная камера Вильсона (80х80)" (09046-93)

Function and Applications

Continuously working large diffusion cloud chamber for visualization of natural ambient radiation.


  • The large diffusion cloud chamber with an 80 x 80 cm active observation surface are hermetically closed units.
  • They each consist of a pedestal for the chamber on top of which lies the observation chamber.
  • The chamber's pedestal holds the refrigerating unit, power supply, a tank for alcohol, a pump for alcohol and a timer.
  • On top of the pedestal, the observation chamber is installed.
  • The top and the sides of the observation chamber are made of glass.
  • Underneath the upper sheet of glass, thin heating wires are installed, which heat up this part of the chamber and thus keep the chamber from misting over.
  • These wires simultaneously serve as high-voltage mesh to gather up ions.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Dimensions: (128 x 128 x 128) cm
  • Observation surface: (80 x 80) cm
  • Mist fluid:  Isopropyl alcohol, necessary accessory, not included
  • Consumption: 40 ccm / day
  • Refrigerant CFC free: R404A
  • Time programming for daily operating time incl. weekends
  • Weight: approx. 480 kg
  • Power input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, approx. 2.0 kVA

Accessory (necessary, not included)

  • Isopropyl alcohol (5 x item no. 30092-70)

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Пусконаладочные - Установка в день, без учета командировочны 03333-06
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Изопропиловый спирт, 1000 мл 30092-70
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